Edge Computing Conference


10th March 2022


Virtual – 9 AM CET


With remote work on the rise and businesses leveraging digital platforms and services more than ever before, edge computing could be the solution for faster, cheaper, and more reliable data processing.

The global edge computing market size was valued at USD 4.68 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 38.4% from 2021 to 2028. Edge computing is transforming the way data is being handled, processed, and delivered from millions of devices around the world. The explosive growth of internet-connected devices, the IoT along with new applications that require real-time computing power, continues to drive edge-computing systems. Faster networking technologies, such as 5G wireless, are allowing for edge computing systems to accelerate the creation or support of real-time applications, such as video processing and analytics, self-driving cars, artificial intelligence robotics just to name a few.


For many companies, cost savings alone can be a driver to deploy edge-computing. Companies that initially embraced the cloud for many of their applications may have discovered that the costs in bandwidth were higher than expected and are looking to find a less expensive alternative. Edge computing might be a fit.

The massive shift to home-based work isn’t likely to ease anytime soon. In many cases, companies are discovering that they didn’t need expensive commercial office real estate, while employees got a taste of the flexibility and freedom from commuting that they will want to keep going. Some companies announced that employees will work from home on a permanent basis from now on. That’s why edge computing may be more important than ever. There’s already a strong business case to be made, including the ability for manufacturers to conduct preventive maintenance on production machines as well as products; the ability to deploy autonomous drones and robots to detect and observe issues in remote locations, such as oilfields or mines; or the ability to manage traffic flow within warehouses or construction sites.


As we are advancing to a more complex and digital world, edge computing will play a significant role on how fast the data is processed and transmitted to the end users. After delivering successful virtual conferences since 2020  namely Maintenance & Reliability – Industry 4.0 (3 Editions), Rotating Equipment Reliability Conference &  New Age of Cyber Security in Nov 2021, ParXcellence is taking a step to address the challenges and opportunities of implementation of edge computing through this one day virtual conference to be held in March 2022.


We look forward to hosting you.



Benefits of Edge Computing

Why Attend?

·         Real-time or faster data processing and analysis

·         Lower costs

·         Less network traffic

·         Increased application efficiency

The conference will enlighten attendees about the latest technology innovation and adoption across various industries. Some of the key elements which will be discussed includes reducing latency, decreasing bandwidth costs, decreasing network traffic and many more.

Who Should Attend?

C Suite

Chief Information Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Vice President – IoT – Edge Computing

Vice President – Digital Product

VP/GM – Entrprise

Director – Business Development

Director – Software Engineering

VP of Solutions & R&D Director

Director – 5G Mobile, Edge Computing

Chief Architect

Program Director – Data Science

Sr. Director of Engineering

Sr. Principal Portfolio Manager

IT & Edge Computing Manager

Cloud & Edge Computing Manager

Global Product Manager

Manager – Product Management

Program Manager – IoT

Digitalization Lead

Head of IT, Digital Strategy

Head of Emerging Technology

Chief Architect, Head of Data Analytics

Automation Lead

IT software, hardware and solution providers

Cloud and network services





Participating Industries

Key Trends Driving the Edge Computing

  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture and smart farms
  • Energy & grid control
  • Retail
  • Financial Services

·         Remote Working Driving the innovation at the edge

·         Enterprises to the edge – private 5G adoption increases

·         AI/ML will shift to edge computing

Most Used Cases of Edge Computing

·         Autonomous vehicles

·         Remote monitoring of assets in the oil and gas industry

·         Smart grid

·         Predictive maintenance

·         In-hospital patient monitoring

·         Virtualised radio networks and 5G (vRAN)

·         Cloud gaming

·         Content delivery

·         Traffic management

·         Smart homes


 Joanna Newman

 Global Edge Computing & 5G   Principal Manager


Moayad AlRatrout

Digital Transformation Specialist

Reach Consultation

Fatma Masmoudi

Assistant Professor

Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University, KSA

Khaled Mokhtar

 Credentialing Chair


Dr. Arijit Roy

 Post-Doctoral Researcher

University of Luxembourg

 David Rotenberg

 VP R&D and Engineering


 Dr. Chandana Roy

 Post-Doctoral Researcher

 University of Luxembourg

Sundeep Reddy Mallu

Head of ESG & Analyltics 

Gramener Inc

 Mark De Jong




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