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” Many small business owners and entrepreneurs are turned off by the very mention of the word “conference” and often think of these events as a huge waste of time and money. However, there can be many benefits and opportunities when attending the right event “

There is no value to be gained by travelling 200 miles to an event aimed at corporates with a focus on foreign trade when you are a local independent retailer with no imminent plans to import or export. However, an independent retailers convention taking place in your nearest city would be an excellent fit.

When choosing which events to attend, you will of course be guided by the annual budget you have set aside for professional development, but you should also ensure that you are likely to come away with lots of actionable ideas and relevant advice. Study the information given about topics to be discussed, as well as the reputation and authority of the guest speakers to make sure you will be getting optimal value for money.


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Benefits of Attending

  • Networking opportunities

  • Learning opportunities

  • Fresh thinking and inspiration

  • Feeling of belonging

  • Marketing opportunities

  • A chance to check out competitors

  • Opportunities to boost your reputation

  • Wrapping up







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We’ve absolutely loved working with Parx. Parxcellence cares so much about its clients, and staff really goes above and beyond to make sure our needs are met—they’re a joy to work with.”


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